The Caliper pig provides a powerful tool and secondary inspection to the Intelligent Pigging.


A caliper tool continuously measures the inside diameter of the pipeline through an array of sensing fingers that are spring loaded to hold them in contact with the pipe wall. As the tool moves through a pipeline all radial sensor movements are detected and recorded. Odometer wheels generate distance data which is continuously collected and stored with the measuring data from the radial sensing fingers.

Key Advantages:
  • Detects ovalities and dents
  • Detects valves and bends
  • Detects girth welds and t pieces
  • Can be used in liquid or gas pipelines
  • Can pass 1.5D bends
  • Suitable for any length of pipeline
  • Can be combined with Geometry Pig for 3D mapping of pipelines
  • Established and commonly used inspection method
  • Usage and Detection Capabilities
  • Accuracy of internal diameter changes +/- 0.1% / 1.22mm
  • Accuracy of dent detection +/- 0.1% / 1.22mm
  • Accuracy of ovality detection +/- 0.1% / 1.22mm
  • Accuracy of girth weld detection +/- 0.1% /1.22mm


Tools Specifications:
  • Tool sizes available: 8”– 64”
  • Wall thickness range: No limit
  • Maximum operating time: 20 hours, expandable
  • Maximum pipe length: 200km, expandable
  • Accuracy of measurement : ± 1%
  • Minimum pipeline bend radius: 1.5D
  • Pumping Media: Liquid or Gas
  • Maximum operating pressure: 300 bars
  • Product temperature range: 0-60°C
  • Operating speed range: 0.5 – 4m/sec

Caliper Pigging