Jet Fans & Swing Gates



These four-bladed vaneaxial fans are called Jet Fans because a high velocity jet of compressed air is ejected from the trailing edge of the fan blade. This results in the forward rotation of the fan blade just like a jet plane is pushed forward by the high velocity air ejected from the rear of the jet engine.


Models: TX-JF24, TX-JF20, TX-JF16, TX-JF12
Sizes: 24″, 20″, 16″, 12″


• Most powerful and reliable compressed air driven fans on the market
• 20” and 24” units fit API tank flanges
• All components aluminum or stainless
• Air flow rates independently tested to AMCA Standard 210
• Highest air flow rates compared to any competitive products
• Made in USA



Models: TX-SG20, TX-SG24
Sizes: 20″, 24″

• Can be used with flanges in any orientation and multiple pressure ratings
• TX-SG20 can be used on 20” or 24” tank flanges
• All aluminum or stainless components
• Magnetic closure device
• Fans sold separately
• Made in USA

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